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About Us

Our Agency

Exponents is a client-driven organization rather than program driven. This individualized strategy responds to the changing personal needs of men and women with histories of substance abuse and incarceration regardless of their stage of addiction or recovery. Many are at risk for or have diagnoses of HIV and Hepatitis C. Exponents has assisted individuals in stabilizing their lives through its health and wellness training; access to primary and mental health care and professional development programs for employment in healthcare and substance abuse fields.


Our inclusive environment welcomes people of every race, gender, age and sexual orientation. The diversity of our participants also includes people at varying stages of recovery.

If an ARRIVE client learns something that keeps him or her out of the hospital, even for a day, it more than covers the cost of their entire eight-week training.

We have a unique learning culture that uses peers who represent hope through overcoming their addictions and successfully coping with chronic health conditions.

87% of our funding goes directly toward programs. Only 13% is used for management, administration, and fundraising.

Our innovative model programs are noted for their retention and high rates of completion. In a field known for its low retention rate, 75% of those who started in the ARRIVE program have completed and graduated from it.



No client has ever been coerced or mandated to participate in ARRIVE, Exponents oldest and largest program, participation is completely voluntary.

Graduation Rate

Our innovative model programs are noted for their retention and high rates of completion. In a field known for its low retention rate, 75% of those who started in the ARRIVE program have completed and graduated from it.


Exponents has been around since 1990 and has sustained consistent programming that produces results and continues to innovate and respond to the changing needs of our communities.


88% of Exponents participants described themselves as extremely satisfied with services received and felt welcome and comfortable in the program.

Exponents History

Below is a short timeline of important events that helped turn Exponents into the organization it is today.
  • 1988 -

    First ARRIVE class

    ARRIVE was started with funding from NIDA. Its intent was to provide recently released diagnosed HIV+ persons with coping, health and wellness tools. ARRIVE began in a church basement with just seven parolees, who were also injection drug users.
  • 1990 -

    ARRIVE expands into Exponents

    Exponents is incorporated as a 501c3 organization and becomes ARRIVE's home. Exponents begins to expand the services we offer.
  • 1994 -

    Exponents moves to Chelsea

    The agency moves uptown and begins to expand the reach of its services into Rikers Island.
  • 1997 -

    Exponents grows to include substance use treatment

    In an effort to infuse our core values of respect and acceptance into traditional drug treatment, Exponents becomes licensed by NYS OASAS to provide Outpatient Substance Use Treatment, enhancing our ability to see clients through to recovery.
  • 2007 -

    Ten Thousand Lives Changed!

    ARRIVE exceeds 10,0000 graduates! An amazing milestone for a program whose participation is totally voluntary.
  • 2014 -

    Exponents' new home

    Exponents moves downtown to a state-of-the-art facility in the Financial District, close to the Fulton Street transportation hub, increasing access to clients from all New York's boroughs.
  • 2015 -

    Exponents celebrates 25 Years

    And the best is yet to come!


  • They always make me feel like family.
    Luz, Graduate
  • Exponents opened many roads for me to choose from. They inspired me to find a job in the field so I can help others get empowered.
    Lillie, Graduate
  • Exponents allowed me to be me and grow. It helped me accept myself and grow in the process... Exponents rocks!!! It saves lives and helps you get back your life.
    Maria, Graduate
  • It was a bit challenging for me but I pushed through it and got victory.
    Shai, Graduate
  • Being a part of Exponents has been and still is one of my greatest and rewarding accomplishments. I've learned so much out of the many programs they offer. It's truly an awesome program. The staff here are all priceless.
    Dorothy, Graduate
  • It was a life changing experience in my life, they built a positive attitude and strength in me. In a time of crisis they were there! Thank you!
    Chanelle, Graduate and former Exponents employee
  • Exponents serves a diverse population of clients and when I have visited the atmosphere is comfortable and peaceful!
    Michelle, Graduate
  • Exponents is an amazing place with beautiful, loving individuals that take the time to care.
    Lenda, Graduate
  • Exponents is the place where you can be yourself... Whatever that means for you. We truly meet you "where you are at." A lot of agencies may say that, we really mean it. Come and join our family, let's grow together and realize the true potential that lies within. Call and let's talk 212-243-3434 extension 105.
    Victor Velazquez, Graduate and Exponents' Senior Trainer