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Media Coverage


Two Separate Silos


Howard Josepher, Exponents CEO, addressing the International Drug Policy Reform Conference on the current state of drug treatment in the U.S. 



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BronxTalk: Opioid Epidemic in NYC and Beyond


Howard Josepher, Exponents CEO, addresses the opioid epidemic in America. 



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HIV Outbreak in Indiana


H.I.V. Outbreak in Indiana May 14, 2015, To the Editor: Re “An Outbreak Fed by Misinformation and Fear”… 



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What to Do About Heroin Addiction?


What to Do About Heroin Addiction, March 14, 2016, To the Editor: Re: ” Use of Heroin in Public View Across the U.S.” 



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A Focus on AIDS, Past and Present


New York Times Letter to Editor A Focus on AIDS, Past and Present August 3, 2012. 



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Room for Debate: Should Drug Addicts Be Forced Into Treatment?

Make Addiction Treatment Better and More Available Howard Josepher, a clinical social worker, is the president and chief executive of Exponents, a nonprofit offering harm reduction services… 




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Ending Overdoes Deaths in NYC

September 16, 2014. Lawmakers, health officials, and 20 community groups rallied at NYC City Hall to push for policies to end unnecessary drug overdose deaths. This video features NY Civil Liberties Union executive director Donna Lieberman, Exponents executive director Howard Josepher, and Legal Action Center state policy director Tracie Gardner. 


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If We Build It, Will They Come?


With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Congress has provided us with a historic opportunity to reduce the demand for illegal drugs. The law requires health insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare, to cover treatment for substance abuse disorders. It will make drug treatment more available than ever before.


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The Heroin Epidemic, in Vermont and Beyond


Give Rutland, Vt., credit for knowing that it cannot arrest its way out of the heroin addiction problem confronting the community. It is understandable that a city “still mired in the recession” will have many residents experiencing hopelessness and despair, the pain driving the self-medicating behavior.  


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