Due to inclement weather, Exponents will be closed on Monday, March 4th.

About Us


Exponents is compassionately dedicated to serving those impacted by HIV/AIDS, substance use, incarceration, and behavioral health challenges. Our mission is to deliver these services through a client-centered, strength-based approach, which greatly improves health outcomes and promotes overall wellness in our communities.




Our dream is to create an equal playing field for all and live in a world without AIDS where addiction is treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one.


To Improve Health and Ignite Hope as we continue leading in the field of health education and wellness, and offer services that truly increase individuals’ self-management skills, self-esteem, and encourage better health choices.

Continue to be an organization that provides ultimate respect to its clients as we employ our strength-based approach of, “meeting people where they’re at.”

Our Overall Goal is to improve health and safety in our communities, lower health care cost, and reduce prison recidivism.




Our Unique Values 

  • A couple of Exponents staff have walked the walk.
  • Overwhelmingly voluntary participation.
  • Encourage activism and advocacy as an empowerment part of treatment.
  • Positive reinforcement over punishment and shame.
  • Individualized paths to recovery.



Exponents is a client-driven organization rather than program driven.

The individualized strategy responds to the changing personal needs of men and women with histories of substance abuse and incarceration regardless of their stage of addiction and recovery. Many are at risk for or have diagnoses of HIV, and Hepatitis C. Exponents has assisted individuals in stabilizing their lives through health and wellness training; access to primary and mental health care and professional development programs for employment in health care and substance abuse fields. We assist our clients in learning that their past life experiences have value and that they can draw on those experiences to direct their futures into purposeful lives.