Celebrating Recovery Month

The Exponents Center for Personal and Professional Development

is growing the field of professionals working in substance use prevention,

treatment, harm reduction, and recovery support

Tawana Rowser-Brown
Director of ECPPD
Toby Haskins
Intake Consultant

Volunteer for Recovery!

Recovery Centers and other local agencies are always looking for volunteers and interns who share the vision to help support the NYC Recovery community.

At most Recovery Centers, volunteers are the foundation of their programs and day-to-day operations. Since many agencies and recovery centers’ services and events are supported by volunteers whose lives have been touched by substance use disorders in one way or another, volunteers are vital to their success and mission. Most volunteers are primarily interested in giving back, enhancing their life skills, and connecting with recovery community members.

Why Volunteer in the NYC Recovery Community?

  • Help others in recovery
  • Become empowered in your own recovery
  • Participate in fun events such as Stand Up for Recovery Day and Rally for Recovery
  • Help create and facilitate new ideas for recovery activities
  • Become a leader in the recovery community
  • Volunteer side by side with your peers
  • Gain valuable customer service and office skills
  • Enhance your resume

At Exponents, individuals suffering from substance use disorder discover pathways to find a process of change to improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential. recovery, employment, and spiritual wellness. In addition, at the Exponents Center for Personal and Professional Development (ECPPD), we aim to grow the field of professionals by training individuals who want to be certified to provide alcohol and substance use disorder-related recovery services in approved work settings.

Why not volunteer at Exponents?  Be a part of a community where individuals learn to become leaders in transforming lives. We foster an intellectual and progressive academic environment where you can inspire and be inspired.

In the years since ECPPD was formed, Exponents has endeavored to celebrate individuals during their long-term recoveries.

The success of Exponents programs depends on the help of a fantastic network of volunteers teaching and spreading the word about the Recovery services.

Exponents’ volunteers hold a variety of roles, including Certified Recovery Peer Advocates, peer facilitators, online group facilitators,  committee members, and more. These volunteers have a diversity of backgrounds, including treatment professionals, family and/or friends of someone with addiction, and individuals who are in long-term recovery. What they have in common is a desire to help others along their journey.

One day at a time, we can create a brighter community full of hope.  We would love to have you on our team.

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