#SupportNotStigma Programs & Services

Thank you for viewing our campaign and taking the pledge to help stop stigma within the addiction recovery community.

To learn more of how EXPONENTS’ help reduce the stigma, please view our programs:

Outpatient Chemical Dependence Treatment is a unique OASAS-licensed, medically-supervised outpatient program which employs EXPONENTS’ unique client-centered, strength-based approach to wellness. This program provides a stabilizing holistic atmosphere that enables our clients to deal with illness and stay in treatment. Intensive, non-intensive and LGBT-specific program tracks. Medication Assisted Treatment Services (MATS), utilization of RESET and RESET-O, and harm reduction via our internally developed, “Third Way” initiative.

Director: Viola Varner, LSMW, CASAC

Phone: 212-243-3434 ext. 309

Email: vvarner@exponents.org

ARRIVE is an eight-week education and counseling program, offered five times each year, to care for individuals and families affected by HIV, other chronic illnesses, and drug abuse. In a uniquely supportive, inspiring and educational environment, ARRIVE offers health education, relapse prevention, life-skills building, training, and support services that assist with recovery and build self-management skills for those with HIV, managing addiction, poverty, or housing instability.

Program Director: Dana Diamond, CASAC

Phone: 212-243-3434 ext. 325

Peer Recovery Support Services are an integral part of EXPONENTS’ Judith Loeb Chiara Recovery & Wellness Center. Certified peers (including some Exponents’ program graduates) provide mentoring circles and create a co-learning environment for those individuals new to the process of recovery. Recovery-oriented socialization activities and services are provided daily. Workforce development opportunities in the addiction fields are also available to program participants.

Program Director: Juan Jordan, CRPA

Phone: 212-243-3434 ext. 330

Project InFORM is our initiative service to assist young transgender individuals and gay men of Black/Latinx descent to prevent problematic substance use and HIV/Hepatitis C (re)infection. Activities include trauma-informed support, recovery coaching by certified clinicians and drug/alcohol-free socialization events. Referrals to our incentivized peer training program, drug treatment, HIV/HCV testing, linkage to care and navigation to PrEP/nPEP upon request. Kiki Lounge provide space provisions to NYC based Kiki houses for meetings and practice.

Community Engagement Specialist: Jaisen Garcia-Castillo, CRPA-P

Contact Info: 212-243-3434 ext. 322

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