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Click below to view Exponents response to COVID-19:


Exponents employees will be required to report to work on June 15, 2020, on a limited and staggered work schedule. We anticipate the agency being open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but providing limited services, by appointment only. Please contact your Director for additional information.

Participants will be required to answer a series of questions involving COVID-19 symptoms. You may also have your temperature taken. Further refinement around COVID-19 test results will be issued shortly.

Yes, all employees will be required to provide either 1) Proof of COVID-19 testing and or 2) Proof of COVID-19 antibody testing -the results must be submitted no more than one week before returning to work. Further policy announcements regarding testing will be issued shortly.

COVID-19 Information

Check out www.ny.gov for PPE services.

www.ny.gov offers food delivery and pantry services.

Treatment & Program Services

We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment prior to visiting Exponents. You may experience longer than usual wait times as we will be operating with limited staffing.

Please contact your perspective department for more scheduling and services, as many of our services are web-based or offered telephonically.

Alert a staff member. A mask and pair of gloves will be provided if you do not have. However, if emergency services are needed a staff member will be of further assistance.

Exponents anticipates reopening mid-June with limited operations. We will open in accord with the guidelines of the State and City Departments of Health.

Please refer to The Center team for further details.

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