Due to delays at our new location Exponents will resume Outpatient Treatment, ARRIVE, APGP, CASAC and Recovery Coach services at 2 Washington Street on Monday, August 13th. There will be no GED services until we move into our new home at 17 Battery Place.



We are a nonprofit organization located in the heart of New York City compassionately dedicated to serving those impacted by HIV/AIDS, substance use, incarceration and behavioral health challenges. We deliver these services through a client-centered, strength-based approach which greatly improves health outcomes and promotes overall wellness in our communities.

  • Clients

    Our participants live in all five boroughs of New York City and come to us during any stage of addiction and recovery. Many are living with more than one chronic health condition and most have a history of problematic substance use.

    Our inclusive environment welcomes those of every race, gender, age and sexual orientation.
  • Advocacy

    Our advocacy efforts show how a small agency can have a big impact on programs, policies and laws. Exponents has been on the front lines since the late 1980’s organizing and advocating for issues relevant to our participants/constituency.

    We encourage activism and advocacy as an empowering part of treatment and recovery.
  • Community

    The success of our programs lies in creating a unique culture where value is placed on the lived experience. We create a safe, respectful environment for all regardless of stage of recovery.

    Our staff and peers model hope having overcome their own addictions and successfully coping with chronic health conditions.
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Exponents treatment and recovery services begins with recovery for individuals still incarcerated as well as those re-entering society. Exponents provides a wide range of treatment and self-care services that help assist these individuals through a healthy transition.


A crucial aspect of recovery and success is education and learning tools for chronic condition management and wellness. At Exponents we provide group education and counseling that ranges from healthcare enrollment to an 8-week course on substance use .


Once participants are stabilized Exponents helps to provide further professional skill development training to provide opportunities for careers and employment. Through the Exponents Center for Personal and Professional Development we offer a number of pathways to careers in the substance use treatment and recovery field.

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